If you're going to spend your money anywhere.....spend it here. Alamo HD did an amazing job. I felt like I was reliving my wedding day all over again when we sat down and watched it. My only regret (and they told me I'd regret it and they were right) was that we didn't upgrade to a better package which would have allowed for there to be more filming time. My husband didn't really want a videographer because....well, I don't know why, but after he saw the video, he said this was the best money spent. Thanks so much!!!


I almost chose not to get videography for my wedding and I am so glad that I did. My wedding day, despite my best efforts to take it all in and remember every moment, was a complete blur. It was one of the happiest days ever when I got my wedding video delivered to me and I was able to relive it and remember those fun details with both motion and sound. Photography is super important too but it wont capture every moment like a video, obviously. 
So.If you are on the bubble about videography....DO IT!
Furthermore, use Alamo HD. They were very easy to work with and did a phenomenal job. They really did an amazing job capturing all the important moments. And they are cost effective too! The main reason we ended up getting video was because my mom found an affordable company that put out great work! 
HIGHLY recommend Alamo HD!


Alamo HD was very easy to work with. They answered a TON of questions for me and made me feel like I could make an educated decision on choosing a videographer. Day of they were great! Definitely not in your face, but I did notice them catching all of the important moments. I received a follow-up email the Monday after the wedding to send our music choices, and now I am just anxiously awaiting our videos!!


Rob and his team we're amazing! Our wedding was a little different being an evening wedding under the stars. During our wedding we were pulled in so many direction, it felt chaotic at times. Our video didn't show any chaos. It arrived weeks before the 6-8 weeks we were told; which we loved because we couldn't wait to see what our event felt like to our guests. The end result left my husband speechless and me crying all over again. The two videographers caught moments either of us didn't get to see throughout the event. Our video is definitely the best way to relive our wedding.


Alamo HD made a great video of the wonderful memories of my son's wedding 2 years ago. Moments were captured that I didn't even see. Have watched the highlight many times and still just love it. They put together the story of events with a beginning, middle and ending. Just awesome!! The quality is superb and you have these wonderful memories you can watch over and over again. When my daughter set her wedding date, I knew we had to hire Alamo HD. They always do a awesome job and we'll have memories of that special day forever.


Rob and Danny were fantastic! Danny captured our wedding day perfectly with every special moment throughout the day and the hilarious shenanigans from the reception. We are so lucky to have had Rob and Danny as our videography team. Rob edited our video into a very nice documentary style film, and our highlight video made everyone cry. I cannot express our gratitude enough and completely recommend using Alamo HD Weddings...they are worth every penny and we're so happy that we chose them. The day went by so quickly, and it's so nice that we have our special moments caught on video including getting ready, the first look, the ceremony and all the highlights of the reception. It's so great to see and hear our wedding toasts and our crazy friends dancing the night away. We are so pleased with them and highly recommend using them for any of your videography needs. Rob was very responsive throughout the whole planning process, and we had our video within two months from our wedding date, which was much sooner than I was expecting. Choose Alamo HD, you'll be so happy that you did! :)


I CAN NOT begin to explain how wonderful Alamo HD Wedding is. I bought six hours of wedding day. The day of my wedding it rained, and so my wedding was postponed. That did not effect the videographer he stayed the additional time to make sure the special moments were captured. Our footage turned out wonderful, and this is something we will cherish for years to come! Thank You So Much for being apart of our Special Day.


Rob at Alamo HD Weddings was friendly and professional from start to finish. He returned calls and emails in a timely manner. He showed up on our wedding day on time and excited to video our day. He pointed out to me that I am so happy he did that I looked like I was wearing my veil. I didn't even realize that I had my head down and was not looking natural. I am so grateful he pointed this out so I could look natural and relaxed for my whole day. And we loved our video. It was so much fun to watch and relive that day. We were up in the air about having our wedding video but we are so glad we decided to and could not be happier we choose Rob with Alamo HD Weddings. My husband was very satisfied and enjoyed Rob at our wedding!!

Elizabeth Ashley

Absolutely wonderful to work with and the Video is exactly what I had imagined. PERFECT!... Thank you so much Rob Garrison for my Lifetime memory!


I used Alamo Hd Wedding to video my wedding and I couldn't be happier with the service! The two camera guys that were at our wedding were very friendly and worked with me in getting certain things that I wanted! The videos we received were amazing and we got them within the time frame they said we would! I would absolutely recommend using them for your wedding!


My husband and I couldn't be happier with our wedding videographer, Alamo HD! They captured the special moments, details, beauty, and energy of the day so perfectly. Rob, with Alamo HD, was very professional and responsive--which was important to me. He even let me make a change to a song selection I had already submitted so close to the finish of their edits to our highlight video and I am so glad! We loved our wedding videos and couldn't wait to share them with out close friends and family. Thank you Alamo HD for delivering such a wonderful product. I'd absolutely recommend you guys to anyone I know with complete confidence.


The video Alamo HD produced for my wedding was absolutely wonderful! Everyone who has seen it has been thoroughly impressed. Alamo HD held on to my video footage for about 4 months before they started production on the video. This is because I kept forgetting to choose songs for the video. I highly recommend Alamo HD. I've already told my sister to use them when she gets married!


I cannot properly describe in words how great our wedding video is! Alamo HD did such an incredible job and the editing and creation of our video is just amazing. It is a token of our wedding that we will be able to cherish for a long time to come!


Alamo HD was the perfect videography company to work with for my wedding. I never had an issue getting responses to questions before the actual day, and the staff was fun and friendly! On my wedding day, the videographers captured the perfect moments and displayed all of them in the video. Many details I didn't even remember during the actual wedding I was able to see and laugh about. Alamo was very easy to work with, and incorporated everything I had wanted. The video came out so great, and I cannot wait to share it with all my family and friends! I highly recommend them to capture your special day!


We used Alamo HD for our wedding and we were very ijmpressed by the professionalism and quality. they provide Blu-Ray HD DVD's. they work closely with you to ensure they get everything you're wanting, and they can do some special effects. We are happy we found them!


OMG...my wedding video was like a movie! They got every important moment and they didn't seem like they were intruding during the wedding at all. I cried when I saw our video, because my photographer was horrible and this video was perfect! I'm so glad I went with these guys and anyone who tells you not to get a videographer is NUTS! It is SO worth it :) They were very professional and even edited the DJ's mistake. They were a little late in getting the video to me, so they sent extra copies! I highly recommend Alamo HD!


Alamo HD Weddings videography provided excellent service and a very creative, lovely finished product for my daughter's wedding. We were very happy with the service at the wedding and received a beautiful memory to keep forever. I would definitely recommend Alamo HD.