Rob Garrison - OWNER

Alamo HD Weddings has been in business for 12 years. Currently we shoot between 40 and 50 weddings per year. My passion has always been to give couples a very high quality product at a truly affordable price along with outstanding, personalized service. When a couple gets married, the two things they have left in the “happily ever after” are the photos and video. I know from my own experience, me and my wife’s three daughters love seeing the wedding photos, but they especially enjoy the video. They can see everyone’s emotions and reactions. They can hear the vows, hear the toasts, and see their Grandpa crying as he is dancing with his only daughter on her wedding day. Additionally, in a world where they see their friends whose parents’ marriages are in turmoil, it is comforting for them to see and hear Mommy and Daddy say their vows to each other in the presence of God, family members and friends. “In sickness and in health, until death do us part.” Let us be a part of your wedding day and “Put Your Memories In Motion.”


Marvin Anthony Jimenez - PHOTOGRAPHER

As a photographer  I am passionate about my work and I hope it shows. I am constantly improving and refining my craft with each and every shot I take and book I read. Whether its flash or natural light, over the past twelve years I have developed, what I find to be a fine balance of emotionally engaging photojournalistic and commercial style photography that captures those special moments in time that you will cherish for years to come.  While some may tell stories with words, I am a storyteller with stills. Let me capture your story.